The International Awareness and Involvement Committee is dedicated to developing community programs designed to provide assistance, relief and resources to developing countries; as well as fostering local advocacy for social injustices and helping those in need.  The Western Wake Alumnae Chapter partnered with the 16th Episcopal District of the AME Church in its Sewing Machine Project. 

The project’s goal is to empower the women with some level of independence through the use of sewing machines. The project is to provide sewing machines to women in Haiti with a twofold purpose:

  1. To help them develop a trade that they can supply clothing for their families.
  2. To empower them with a skill that they can use to make money for the family.

The International and Awareness Committee takes part in many other initiatives such as the Cleaning supply drive for Alliance for AIDS and the Freedom for Girls Campaign.  

Haiti Sewing
Machine Project

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